অলাতচক্র – আহমদ ছফা

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Title অলাতচক্র
ISBN 9844081114
Edition 2nd Print, 2014
Number of Pages 240
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

অলাতচক্র – আহমদ ছফা বই রিভিউঃ

Ahmed Shafar’s novel Alatchakra tells the tragic story of a refugee camp in Calcutta. Daniel and Tayeba’s love for each character is highlighted.
Analysis of the Psychology and International Politics of the Liberation War, Attitudes of the People of Calcutta towards the Bengali People Realizing, all in all, the author has done a mysterious analysis.
Someone took up the war to sort out their own future. A minister of the Mujibnagar government was caught in a forbidden village. Some leaders are against the party in Kolkata. Conflict over power-sharing. Socialist parties. Some continue to communicate with Yahya and America. Daniel, the protagonist of the story, said bluntly, “Leaders and groups instilled a desire for freedom in the minds of these people but failed to create a field of their struggle.”
All in all, the author’s story of his passion, love, a sincere love for the country, the story of the frustration of not being able to get affection, everything seems to be well built.


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