আলোর ডুব – মোসলেম উদ্দিন সাগর

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Title আলোর ডুব
ISBN 97898489544042
Edition 1st Published, 2020
Number of Pages 80
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

alor-dop-moslem-uddin-sagor Book Reviews

Book Name: Dive of Light
Book Type: Novel
Author’s name: Moslem Uddin Sagar
First publication date: 2021
Publications: Asia Publications
Cover: Ugly Mandi
Main character: Incomplete

Author Moslem Uddin Sagar has a foothold in every branch of Bengali literature and culture. Apart from his workplace, he is also working in literary culture and Bangladesh Television. Author Moslem Uddin Sagar is a lyricist of Bangladesh Television who was born in 1975 in Kakuria village of Aruail union in Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria district. During his career he has worked in various government departments. He is currently working at Vrindavan Government College, the highest school in Habiganj district of Sylhet division. He has been working in various branches of Bengali literature including stories, novels, essays, songs and poems. One of his novels is “The Dive of Light”. Where he tells the story of a teacher’s instincts and the crisis of a nation’s values. Below is a brief summary of the story with my lesson response after reading the novel Dive of Light.
The novel “Dive of Light” is written in the light of the current context of Ghunedhara society. The novel tells the story of a teacher’s introspection and value crisis through an imperfect character.
“Karu”, this name given by Apurna’s mother, which means creator. In order to pay the price for the name Karu given by his mother, he left his previous job and chose the great profession of teaching to fulfill his dream with the inspiration of his dear teacher Chandra Shekhar Sir. Even if you come to a profession cherished by your own thinking and love, you cannot realize your dream. By joining the teaching profession he can realize the bitter reality. His dream was to ignite a sense of humanity in every student whose flame would illuminate the environment, society and country. But the dream does not move forward towards fulfillment. Ever since he joined the job, he has been overwhelmed by the frustration around him. The scope of work also increases from the amount of work. You can see the promotion, dignity, empowerment, etc. of your colleagues right in front of your eyes. Let the imperfect mind want a change in the education system of his country. Let there be a change that will enlighten the hearts of every student, every teacher, every parent in the light of humanity. But that is not the case. This is because the administrative department is given more evaluation and importance than the teachers to change the education system of this society. But our society forgets that the individuals in the administrative department that they are evaluating so much are the teachers who have developed those individuals. Eat people! We do not take care of the roots of the tree, we do not take care of the stalks!
Among those who want to ignite the torch of humanity, they are extremely humiliated and insulted. Angered by not paying the dues, they poured water mixed with gu-urine on the head of their teacher Apurna. The place after the parents, the place can not accept such a great insult in any way is imperfect. On the one hand, the insults received from the students, on the other hand, the people of this society cannot accept the harsh words. He decided to commit suicide. But many questions pierce who his soul is. The abuse of the college was settled by the MP in the ceremony. At one stage of gardening on the college premises, the MP advised to put a strong fence around the garden. But he did not say to take care of the roots of the tree, to keep the weeds clean, to take care of the stalks. A careless fence will have no value where the tree will rot with its stalks without care. Then only rubbish will remain inside the solid fence. Similarly, every teacher is the root of a tree. To build a state, it is necessary to take care of these roots i.e. teachers. Because a country will be civilized only if it can form a human race which thinks it is incomplete, injustice, crime and corruption of the country will be reduced. Apurna’s mother became infected with Kovid-19 virus. Even if he goes to his mother, he cannot find the warm embrace of love. When the heart bursts into tears, the heartache of not being able to give away humanity increases.
In the novel “Dive of Light”, the author has portrayed his unfulfilled dream through an imperfect character. He has highlighted some real truths that have really awakened my consciousness. How many lines he has highlighted where there is a key to the development of a state. The lines are ___
1) Better people than meritorious people are the sustainable assets of a civilized state.
2) An educational institution can be the main controller of the awakening of the sense of humanity. Only when educational institutions wake up with the lamp of ideals can ideal people be created in the country.
3) If the government selects all the teachers with their thoughts every year and implements them next year, then the country will surely move faster on the path of sustainable prosperity than monotonous progress.
4) A country cannot smile without a teacher.
5) No matter what, these educational institutions, stage, pen, book have been there for ages. So, even a little bit, could not the evolution of human beings to humans?
6) Talented and good people are completely different things.
6) A country will be civilized only if a human nation can be formed, injustice, crime and corruption of the country will be reduced.
7) When comparing an ideal and civilized state with a tree, its root is education. While in the conventional tradition, it is not difficult for anyone to take care of the trunk and branches of a tree, it is not difficult for anyone to spend a lot of money with a strong and expensive bamboo fence around the tree, just as it is difficult to take care of the roots.


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