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Title আরশিনগর
ISBN 9789849133599
Edition 2nd Edition, 2016
Number of Pages 272
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

আরশি মাথা তুলে তাকাল। ভোলানাথের বন্ধ সেলুনের সামনে কাঁঠের খুটি। সেই খুঁটির গায়ে হাতের তালুর সমান ছোট্ট এক চিলতে আয়না। ঝাপসা হয়ে যাওয়া সেই আয়নার দিকে তাকিয়ে খানিক স্থীর দাঁড়িয়ে রইল আরশি। তারপর ধীর পায়ে আয়নাটার সামনে গিয়ে দাঁড়াল। আয়নার ভেতরে আবছা একটা মানুষ। গতকাল অবধি দেখে আসা সেই একই চোখ, সেই একই নাক, সেই একই মুখ, একই চেহারা। কিন্তু গতকালের সেই আরশি আর এই মানুষটাকে কি সে চেনে? আরশির হঠাৎ মনে হল, এই জগতে কেউ কাউকে চেনে না। এই জগত আয়নার মতন। উল্টোজগত। এই উল্টোজগতের নাম আসলে আরশিনগর।


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I was drowning in a painful city for the last 2-3 days. Where there were hardships, pains, burdens, all the unexpected events, a city that woke up with a smile on the corner of its lips without knowing that the hardships will not go away, where a few characters have been brought up among the many people living in the writing. Whose end becomes tearful.
I was talking about the long novel Arshinagar discussed by the venerable Sadat Hossain Bhai. What was not in this story! Going to read, like the other novels of the author, it also gives birth to anger, pride, resentment, everything. The way he has caused trouble in the life of one person in the story, even if he says it is hard, it will be less for him.
Little Arshi whose mother died at birth is Nilufa Begum. He grew up with his grandmother Amberi Begum. How much her father has struggled in his life for the happiness of his daughter. But happiness comes and is lost again. Of course the author does not lose. Shakuranjan Doctor, Ashish-Mili, Latu Hawladar, Lokman, Galkata Bashir, Yashoda Sir, Rubina, Rupai, Sakal Naam Shishu, Laili, Mostafa, Imam Saheb, Haradhan, Asif and a few others. The author told a story about feeling pain in spitting chinchin. I will not write what happened or what did not happen. There is no interest in reading it. I’m talking about my feelings.
Reading the author’s writing is my 7th book about it. Although it came out long ago. But did not read. Want to start differently. Many people say that the writer writes a lot like Humayun Ahmed. Which Sadat Bhai himself does not like. From all the books I have read, it seems that the way in which the revered Humayun Ahmed writes has an addiction. In the midst of which there is a feeling of well-being, there is a feeling of pain, but it feels good. However, Sadat Bhaiya plays with the emotions of the reader, he can do it very efficiently. Arrange a character and make a home in your heart and kill him in an instant. It is very difficult to accept. Megh said I will go, I feel like there is no one anywhere. Again, how uncomfortable Rabindranath’s short stories feel. In the same way, these feelings survive but rebirth. It is true that people suffer in all such stories but they hold nothing in their chests. In that case, the painful story that Sadat Bhai wrote for us, it was very difficult to read, just as he felt like a stone. After a while it seemed that it was not right. We love to suffer and we cherish suffering. From here I salute him. “Life is hard sometimes,” said Sadat Bhaiya. But I thought life was not happy. He also said this. With the mouth of Amber Begum. That time changes everything. There is no good or bad of time. Now what seems to be evil after a while would seem to be good. He said again with the mouth of Arshi, ‘There is no man in the world who has no pain, no sorrow. All the people in the world are full of sorrow. No one’s suffering is less than anyone else’s. Everyone cries for help. ‘
He said again, ‘Who cares at the end of the day!’
Throughout the novel, wailing is a pain, but the mind will want to keep that pain as well. I will not cry, but I could not hold back the tears until the end. When Arshi thought her mother Nilufa was an unfortunate man, whose grave was also unfortunate, her husband had never stood by the side of that unfortunate grave with strong love. Her child did not stand with strong compassion. They don’t even know where he is lying on the ground! No one touched. If he touches his mother’s grave in that way, will he get his mother’s touch? This is so touching. That’s it!
Again, I feel hesitant about the way the story of atrocities has been going on from the beginning. I don’t know Arshi and I haven’t met her father Mojibar. The writer has played with the heart of his reader by changing many thoughts. Which is a heinous crime. But such a crime should be punished and that is why the reader falls in love with the writer more and more. And these writers live in that love.
A novel of suffocation ended this morning. The breath seems to be still stuck. Arshi took a place in reading the best books that live in a city that only knows how to suffer. Arshinagar.
This is how the writer writes such stories. He spent a lot of time writing in life. And that time will bring your success. Lastly, I wish you well.

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