দুধ চা খেয়ে তোকে গুলি করে দেব – জাহিদ হোসেন

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Title দুধ চা খেয়ে তোকে গুলি করে দেব
ISBN 9781556156786
Edition 1st Published, 2019
Number of Pages 256
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

duth-cha-kheye-toke-guli-kore-debo বুক রিভিউঃ

In summary, a killer appears in the city who draws graffiti on the wall after killing people. “I will shoot you with milk tea”. On the other hand, Dr. Mahbub Rahman finds a tree that will give immortality.
Personal rating – 4/10
Review – The same experience you will have if you leave a foreigner in the streets of old Dhaka, you will get the same experience when you read the first few chapters. The first 8-10 chapters start with a different character point of view in each. .Failed attempts. If the jokes are good, maybe obscenity will not fall in the eyes of the people. The writer is also quite incompetent in the character building department.
Lastly, I would like to say that by reading this book you can at least understand the importance of good marketing.

“Strong language” exists in the book. There was advice not to read Roza Reje.


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