ইনফিরিওটি কমপ্লেক্স: মালিহা তাবাসসুম

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Title ইনফিরিওরিটি কমপ্লেক্স
ISBN 9789849530114
Edition 1st Published, 2021
Number of Pages 192
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা


ইনফিরিওটি কমপ্লেক্স মালিহা তাবাসসুম বই রিভিউঃ

“Even after talking to my nephew Shafiq, I got a pretty similar description – a headache the other day, a gradual headache.
Dizziness today, nausea, blurred vision and a few sips of a cup of tea before going to the hospital for tests in the afternoon followed by convulsions and horrible death.
Mr. Shafiq also seemed to be quite wise as a doctor. Mr. Motah’s body was poisoned for two days by slow poisoning – but how? ”
The medical thriller “Inferiority Complex” is written by Maliha Tabassum about some such serial killings.
Story summary:
Kuheli is not a so-called beauty in the eyes of society. Social bullying and body shaming killed her feelings when she started living a normal life with chronic depression.
On the other hand, a strange serial killing is happening in Dhaka city. The CID’s official forensic investigator, Abrar Fahad, discovered Kuhli in one way or another by discovering in the nursery rhyme books and meaningless words written in a historical fossil left next to his body. But what are the murders Kuhelii? Or is there another secret behind it?
Lesson Response:
Since thrillers are my favorite, I will naturally like the book. But at the end of the book, if you just like it, you will say less. I couldn’t understand when I finished reading the 191 page book with a sigh. Nothing was cutting deep, it seemed again and again what I read!
This book beautifully illustrates how social bullying and body shaming can have a devastating effect on a person. Along with the thriller, the author has proved his writing skills with a great massage. Also, if you read the whole book, you will be forced to admit how talented the author is.
As a medical thriller, the book provides a logical and thorough explanation of each death. The book was full of physics, chemistry, general medical knowledge. Even if you don’t have a science background, it won’t be difficult to understand anywhere .. because the writing style was so strong. I also learned about many aspects of psychology.
There was nothing irrelevant anywhere in the book or it didn’t feel like it was just written. Every theory and information was working to unravel the mystery. If you are a thriller lover then you must read this book.
I end with a line from the novel,
“No one knows better than Kuheli that a fiercely bipartisan society that foams at the mouth by saying ‘beauty is internal, not external’ or ‘black is what I call it’ has never given ‘ugliness’ the proper status according to the definition of traditional beauty inside.”


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