ইশতেহার – আবুল ফাতাহ

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Title ইশতেহার
Edition 1st Published, 2021
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

ishtehar-abul-fataha book review-

“They’ve all told you for so long, the country is the mother. But this country is not our mother.”
“It’s normal, everyone has been saying this for so long. Because if you think and think of the country as a mother, there is a lot of benefit in stealing. You can’t understand when a two rupee note stolen from the mother’s territory turns into two thousand crore rupees. And this They do it without any shame or guilt. What a shame to steal mother’s money! But even this shameless man will tremble to snatch something from his child. So learn to think of the country as a child, not a mother from today. We see him every day. But never your healthy, strong child. Think of the country as a child, a child who has just learned to walk at the age of fifty, don’t let go of his hand, teach him to run with his fingers, build him on his lap. Love will return according to the child. ”
The opening speech is enough to create curiosity in the mind of a reader. Such a speech can be given by any public figure outside politics. Who has honest courage or is a huge thief in the field of politics The story is told of a university teacher who has entered the field of politics to repay the trust of the people Or the story of a young man who quit his job in the army. Major Saif. That life can be bet to serve the country. His companion is a fearless young patriot. However, the hero is a thief to print everything! A thief is right! Not a sneaky thief, a thief with big donations. What he discovered when he came to steal from an elite house! A black car, Saif’s secret shadow, a tangled field of politics and a secret operation to sow seeds. Results – Manifesto!
If you are a thriller lover. However, the ‘manifesto’ is a must read for you. With a whirlwind speed, like a peel of a potato, the web of mysteries spreads. What else can happen for a thriller lover? Boundary driven twist shorts la-jababa! The very first sentence will indicate to you that there is a thrilling tension ahead. It can be said that I have finished the proclamation in one sitting. Sometimes I couldn’t believe that Secret Shadow could work so independently in the context of our country. Even after such a big scandal, keeping the super killer in secret shadow without the police / DB (any government agency directly) does not match. So the author will be requested to take a closer look at the activities of Secret Shadow But in the tension of the story, I can tell with my eyes that all these small things will not be noticed by the reader.
Don’t forget after finishing the fast moving political thriller ‘Ishtehar’ but-
“Think of the country as a child without thinking of it as a mother. Don’t let go of her hand, teach her to run with her fingers, build it on her lap. If the country grows, she will one day return all your love according to the child.”
Sajal Chowdhury is a trusted name as a cover artist. Let the writer write the story in as big a body as possible. The cover artist has allocated only one page to highlight that story And Sajal Bhai is doing this job with immense skill In addition to the song fight on the cover, the search for the black car, the bullet marks and the biggest mystery is the ‘balaka’ mic story but Mr. told!
This year’s book fair could have been something special for Bhumiprakash. Rarely has all this wonderful land been born in a book fair But the overall situation is that every publisher has to bear the loss The writers did not get the love of their desired readers So let’s read books, give reviews, readers should be interested in collecting good books Let the book-reader wake up again with the power of writer-reader-publisher.


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