লেখালেখি – শাহাদুজ্জামান

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Title লেখালেখি
ISBN 9789848863909
Edition 1st Published, 2011
Number of Pages 111
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

lekhalekhi-shahaduzzaman book review:

Books: Writing
Author: Shahaduzzaman
Publication: Tradition
Printed price: 150 rupees

Shahaduzzaman wrote on various subjects. Stories, novels, essays, interviews, etc. have been shining for a long time. The book is written for the sake of his long writing and short opinions about his favorite authors. The book has 9 articles and two interviews. One of his interviews is with the author himself.
Rabindranath comes first. The article is mainly about the fantasy of the author about Rabindranath. Rabindranath is no less criticized in Bengali literature. Even when he won the Nobel Prize, he was discussed and criticized in the world court. In fact, Rabindranath could not write at all levels due to his aristocracy. There is an incident here which can be said to be a liability for Rabindranath’s failure. Then Shahidul Zaheer was such a non-publicist writer that even some of his colleagues did not know that he was writing. It is rare that he paints a different picture of the real life of that time through life and political realities or ghost alleys. Akhtaruzzaman Shahaduzzaman also shared his diverse experiences with the work that the writer had to do to write Ilyas’s Khoyabnama. Hasan Azizul Haque went to his Rajshahi home from Chittagong to be interviewed. He returned to his house with an interview till one o’clock at night. The weaving of words with many more thrilling memories has fascinated the reader. There is an article about book fairs, where he says that the quality of books is declining due to the promotion of books as a product. In countries where fairs are not held so regularly, literature is also rich.
But the most interesting thing in the book is an interview. Dutch researchers Eos van Burden and Yeniko Arens came to Bangladesh for research in 1973. They then chose a village in Kushtia for their research. Jhagrapur ‘. The book was later discussed. I also want to read the book.
As always fascinated by Shahaduzzaman’s thoughtful writing. A few authors have made witty remarks about which curious readers will enjoy reading. Good reading


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