মহা প্রলয়ের প্রান্তর – জিমি তানহাব

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Title মহা প্রলয়ের প্রান্তর
ISBN 9789849547716
Edition 1st Published, 2021
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা


Books – The Desert of the Apocalypse
Author – Jimmy Tanhab
First publication – Ekushey Book Fair 2021

Desert Book is a breathtaking account of love, deception, defeat, war, destruction and spirituality written in a cosmic atmosphere.
At the very beginning of the book, Falak Ilhaman’s fianc বe Bir Tafsir Mehrav was killed. But knowing about this murder will end half of the book. The other half know how Falak will take revenge for the murder.
There is no love, war, betrayal, revenge, mystery in it. The part of spirituality seemed good at the beginning but at one stage it did not look good. Besides, the book is extraordinary.
Jimmy Tanhab is one of my favorite writers. I really like his fourth century, magic series.


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