অভিমানিনী মৌরি মরিয়ম

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বইয়ের নাম: অভিমানিনী
লেখকের নাম:
ISBN 9789848072103
Edition  2019 সাল
মোট পেজ সংখ্যাঃ 176 পৃষ্ঠা

ovimanini-mouri-morium book review:

* Silent – Silent is one of the main characters in the story ‘Abhimanini’. The once restless boy becomes calm, quiet, serious at the departure of his beloved.
* Ditia- Ditia is the name of the girl who has been waiting for her husband’s love for eight long years. Ditia is a symbol of patience. Deprived of her husband’s love, this woman was an impossibly beautiful woman.
* Mansi- The name of the girl who is black but Mayawati is Mansi. As a teenager he fell in love with her. Their family is decorated in imagination Tultul has named their child in Kalpana. Mansi’s love was so strong that if he still thinks of the silent child, he remembers the words of Tultul before Dihan.
* Adri-Arpi – Although these two sisters are not the main characters, it seems necessary to describe them. Because, the reader has recognized Nirab, Mansi by their hands. Recognizes the impossibly patient Ditia. These fickle two sisters read the diary of their great uncle silently only out of curiosity and that is where the story of an insane triangle of love unfolds.
Why the book should be read: Although it is a romantic story of love triangle, the unbroken bond of family members has come up here. There is the naughty love of Adri-Orpi. Although a brother, Sourav and Nirb have a friendly relationship. And despite being best friends, an unbroken bond between Mansi and Ananya has also come up in this story. The book should be read to know all this. The book is also a must read to find answers to a few more questions.
* Why couldn’t they be one even though there was family support about Nirab-Mansir?
* What happened to Mansir? Where did he go? Why did you go?
* Why did Mansi stay in the house of the silent? Who is he in that family?
* Did Ditia ever get the love of her husband? Or have you spent your whole life waiting?
Response: The whole book is a book of obscurity. I finished this 18-page book in one and a half hours. This impeccable love story stored in the folds of the diary will forever be etched in the mind of the reader.


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