রক্ষাকবচ – মনীষ মখোপাধ্যায়

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Title রক্ষাকবচ
ISBN 9789849405368
Edition 1st Published, 2020
Number of Pages 152
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

In Bengali literature, the horror stories and novels of ghosts, spirits, graveyards, etc., have been crushed for a long time, but there is very little work on mythology, tantra-mantra, and deities. But lately, Manish Mukherjee’s book ‘Rakshakbach’ has come to the fore from the other side of the spotlight that the writers are aiming for in this sub-night.
As a reader, I don’t have that previous loan. It took several days to read the seven stories. Let’s be gay, the first story ‘Curse’. While fighting against the hypocritical Tantric, a teacher was subjected to a terrible curse. The poor began to lose one loved one after another.
I like the writing. The book goes north as a first impression.
The name of the next story is ‘Vampire’. While treating a sick patient, a doctor fell into a deep path. Success is not coming to anything conventional. Incidentally, after taking refuge in a psychiatrist and a tantric, the drama continues to grow.
The story is good as a time pass, but I didn’t like the finish.
Story number three is ‘Night Fairy’. An artist is involved in medieval dark art for a living. He created a statue of The Witch by Salvatore Rosa, another famous artist. Incidentally, life is also established in the body of the goddess. But the poor man did not understand the price to be paid for this work.
I like the story very much. I don’t know how true the history mentioned in the text is, but I had a lot of fun.
The next story book is titled ‘Rakshakbach’. Many years ago an invaluable gem came to India from Egypt. With her help, the goddess Chhinnamasta was awakened by a power-hungry zamindar. But the poor man could not enjoy the power given to him by the goddess, he passed the thing to his nephew before he died in the smoke. The witch has the ability to see the future by gaining that naibputra.
In my opinion this is the best story in the book. There was a bit of detailing, as well as eye-catching presentation.
Story number five is ‘Vajracharchika’. A demonic Tantric arrived at the crematorium. No one in the village wants to go there for fear. But the arrogant ruler of Nandabari will go to that crematorium to burn his mother’s body. But the poor people did not know that a terrible thunderbolt was waiting for them.
I will call it the second best story in the book. Great writing, finishing-detailing.
Story number six is ​​called ‘Darkness’. Falling into greed, a devotee invokes the evil goddess with the help of Aghori Tantric. But after attaining success, he could no longer enjoy the God-given power. The freed Karnapishachini started and ransacked the whole village. In the name of investigating the death of the uncle’s nephew as a hobby.
I also like this story. The style of writing has been enlivened by the touch of humor. But I did not like the finish
The last story is ‘Today is the rest of the night’. A man kills his wife at the instigation of a devil. But then one has to surrender oneself to the devil at the feet of gratitude.
This time I will speak a little harshly. There was the satisfaction of reading the whole book, but at the end there was a rhythmic fall in this story. Very typical idea, finishing is the same. I don’t think the book would have been damaged without this story. But I will not say that others will feel bad because I did not like it.
The version published from the beginning is a little different than the Indian version. As well as increasing the number of stories, some great illustrations have been added. At the same time, Sajal Chowdhury’s eye-catching cover has added a different dimension with the beautiful paper, binding, etc. of Adi Prakashan. There are some spelling and beard mistakes. It would have been better to correct these.


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