শব্দজাল – রবিন জামান খান

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Title শব্দজাল
ISBN 9789849382300
Edition 1st Published, 2020
Number of Pages 160
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

shobdhojal-robin-jaman-khan book review

Books: – Vocabulary
Author: Robin Zaman Khan
Genre: Psychological thriller
Publisher: Nalanda
Number of pages: 156
Personal rating: 4/5

Language! With which we express our thoughts. I express my feelings But sometimes that language becomes the most destructive weapon in the world. Then various firearms, information technology or even nuclear power is overcome by that language.
Every human being has some or the other weakness. Hundreds of thousands of abilities or strengths, but all become meaningless to a single weakness. And when someone hits on those weaknesses, people become helpless or destructive
Zakaria, a professor of meditative psychology, received the news from a special team of the Bangladesh Police Department in a hurry at the beginning of the new year. Albert Al Fattah, a notorious international criminal, was suddenly caught at the Bangladesh airport After being caught, he reported a horrible information. This infamous bomber has planted two bombs in Dhaka. Which will be blasted on New Year’s Day to mark a number of big events, including Cityrail Innovation. Many foreign members will be present along with local leaders and common people at the events.
Some notorious criminals, including Interpol, have been searching for the notorious criminal for many years. There is very little time at hand, but Fattah says nothing. Can’t get any information from him in any way. Because he has no weakness. He is not going to be overcome physically or mentally in any way. A number of tissues and nerves in Fattah’s body have become useless due to the suddenness of various horrific events at different times of his life. So there will be no benefit by physical torture. His face was covered with various scars, a horrible expression in a broken eye, a thick wound in his throat, all in all, his appearance was horrible. Professor Zakaria was forced to call the police when it was not possible to find out the information. Mind game with Fattah in the name of interrogation that starts through psychological. What are you thinking? I told all the stories? Oops! From then on the real story 7 began
How can a professor bring out information from a Fatah who has no weakness, who is extremely brave and fearless, and save the beloved Dhaka! If you want to know, you have to read this book.
For many, the concept or theme of the story may seem very simple However, the main plot of this book is not in the story, but in the dialogue and words
Vocabulary means creating an incomprehensible web through language or speech so that anyone is forced to fall into that web. Throughout the book, the story progresses in the midst of those words or phrases. Psychology related thrillers have come up with many terms and information related to psychology. There has been a lot of great experimental talk about criminology. Which will hold you like a magnet. But as a psychological thriller, I expect a lot more talk related to psychology or philosophy.
The whole story ended with just sitting in a plain half-light half-dark police interrogation room. The only weapon in this great thriller is the word. Even in a simple story, a reader will be fascinated just for the sake of words. And you will feel an excitement inside yourself.
I like the character of the professor very much. His thoughts, expressions, personality were all extraordinary. I think we are going to get another great psychological series after Humayun Ahmed’s Missy Ali. Many good wishes for the author.


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