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Jibon Jekhane jemon Pdf Download by Arif Azad book 2021 – জীবন যেখানে যেমন আরিফ আজাদ Pdf Download –

Book: Life is like that
Author: Arif Azad
Type: Islamic book


Let’s talk a little better today …

Book: I say a funny commentary

Is there anyone I will look for if I can’t find the worst in paradise …
Jabir bin Abdullah. Said, I heard the Prophet say,
“When the people of Paradise will be in Paradise, they will reminisce about the time they were on earth. Then they will remember their friends.
They will ask the angels, “I do not see my friend in Paradise, where is he?” It will be said, “He is in Hell.” Then the believer will say to Allah, O my Lord! I miss my friend very much. Without him the joy of paradise is not being fulfilled for me.

Then Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will order such a person to be taken out of Hell and admitted to Paradise. ”
His friend was saved from hell not because he prayed all night, or read the Qur’an, did more and more charity, and fasted day after day! Rather he was released simply because his friend remembered him. He has been released from hell in honor of his heavenly friend.
The inmates of Hell will then be surprised to know, for what reason was he released from Hell, is his father a martyr? Is his brother a martyr? Has any angel or prophet recommended for him?
It will be said, “No, but the good friend he had in the world has recommended to Allah for him in Paradise.”

Hell, the people of hell will say alas! Alas, there is no intercessor for us today! We have no such true friends.
Then he recited these two verses:
فَمَا لَنَا مِن شَـٰفِعِينَ
وَلَا صَدِيقٍ حَمِيمࣲ

“We have no intercessors.
There are no more good friends. ”

[Surah Shu’ara: 100-101]
After mentioning this incident, Imam Hasan Basri remained. He said, “Therefore, associate with more and more righteous people.” Love them So that if you get stuck in a quagmire on the Day of Resurrection, they can rescue you.
[Tafsir Bagavi; Surah Shu’ara: 100-101]
The person who will find me in Paradise should be made a friend.

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