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SpaceX Starlink internet Price in Bangladesh

SpaceX has been testing their Starlink service for a few years now, and they’ve just announced the beta is live. The $99/month price includes up to 50mbps download speeds- what you would need if your internet connection was running at about 4Mbps on average. They also say that it can be as fast as 150 Mbps down depending on where in space the satellite is located relative to Earth’s surface – so no matter how rural or urban of an area you’re living in, there will always be some coverage overhead!

What is Starlink?

Starlink, a satellite internet company developed by SpaceX to fund their plans for Mars colonization, has been in low-Earth orbit since 2018. This is much closer than other providers usually operate and could result in lower latency according to StarLink’s CEO Elon Musk.

Starlink Price in Bangladesh

In 2020, SpaceX will launch 12,000 satellites into space to bring internet access to the entire world. The company is currently seeking regulatory approval for its Starlink project and is proposing a price of $10 per gigabyte. Bangladesh’s current average monthly cost of internet usage sits at around $17 per gigabyte making it one of the most expensive countries in the world for broadband. If successful, this could be a game changer for Bangladeshi internet users who can’t afford high prices on top of already low wages.
The article explores how Bangladesh would fare if Starlink were approved and implemented here as well as what benefits may come with having cheaper access to information that has been previously out-of-reach due to financial limitations.

Bangladesh is a third-world country, and it’s hard to imagine that we don’t have internet. In Bangladesh, only about 4% of the population has access to any kind of internet connection. That means that 96% of people in Bangladesh are offline. It also means that they’re missing out on so much! With no internet, you can’t do anything online like research for school or apply for jobs. You can’t use apps like Facebook or WhatsApp (which are used by 2 billion people!). You can’t even read this blog post without an internet connection!
This year SpaceX announced their Starlink project which plans to provide high-speed broadband services from space with satellites orbiting the Earth at 17000 miles per hour!

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