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Theatre Worldwide My ITI Years PDF Download Ramendu Mojumder

প্রিয় পাঠক,তোমাদের বহুল প্রতিক্ষিত বই Theatre Worldwide My ITI Years Ramendu Mojumder pdf download ও রিভিউঃ The book chronicles the four-decade journey of the writer with the International Theatre Institute, the largest organisation of performing arts in the world. The reader could also get an idea how the institute came into being after the horrifying experience of the Word War II with a purpose to establish peace through promotion of international exchange of knowledge and practice in the domain of performing arts. The writer observed the activities of the ITI closely since 1981 and gradually became actively involved. The growth of the Bangladesh Centre of ITI has also been portrayed in the right sequence. One can get an idea of the colourful diversity of world theatre through the eyes of the writer who has widely travelled many countries, came in contact with so many wonderful personalities from varied cultures. As the worldwide President of ITI for six years, he was at the helm of affairs of the organisation which has now got around one hundred national centres around the world.ContentsForeword A Note from the Author Chapter 1: The Curtain Raiser Chapter 2: ITI: Beginnings Chapter 3: My Journey Begins Chapter 4: A Debt of Gratitude Chapter 5: Bangladesh Launches International Events Chapter 6: Towards a New Path Chapter 7: A Call from the South of France Chapter 8: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Inaugurates Our Biggest Event Chapter 9: Dr. Sheikh Sultan Saves the Day Chapter 10: Exploring New Cultures Chapter 11: An Unknown Enemy? Chapter 12: Fujairah and Sharjah Chapter 13: The Executive Committee Meets in Dhaka Chapter 14: Dr. Sheikh Sultan Delivers the WTD Message in Paris Chapter 15: Honoured and Humbled: Moments of Personal and National Pride Chapter 16: Bangladesh Centre’s Diverse Initiatives Chapter 17: China Dazzles Us in Xiamen Chapter 18: Bangladesh: A Plethora of Activities Chapter 19: The End of My Presidency Chapter 20: Dhaka, Shanghai, New York, and Tokushima Chapter 21: Fujairah Again Chapter 22: Segovia: Today’s Theatremakers in a Medieval City Chapter 23: 70th Anniversary Celebrations Chapter 24: Life Slows Down Chapter 25: The Pandemic Strikes Chapter 26: The Curtain Call Annexures

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এখন আমরা Ramendu Mojumder এর লেখা Theatre Worldwide My ITI Years বইটি নিয়ে সংক্ষেপে জানব।
নাম- (বই ও লেখক)Theatre Worldwide My ITI Years Ramendu Mojumder
প্রকাশকThe University Press Limited(UPL)
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Page & Edition197 | 1st Published, 2022 (পৃষ্ঠা)

1st Published, 2022 এর এ বইটি আশা করি ভাল লাগবে।

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