কৃষ্ণজাল – প্রান্তিক সৌরভ

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Title কৃষ্ণজাল
Edition 1st Edition, 2021
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

Krishnajal ‘is a physical horror novel.
The story begins with the brutal death of a child. That death can be discussed but with contempt.
A father is digging a grave for his daughter under a tree in the dark of night.
“I’m leaving my daughter here. How are you?”
How much trouble is hidden in this little word is clearly understood.
The presence of mystery is evident at this time in the first of the novels.
Safayet’s smooth life became abnormal around that kadai tree in the blink of an eye.
At this stage of the novel comes a new context, the story of two opposite friends – Diana Bhavan with Dhruv and Ryan R. The center of the whole mystery is this building and some of the events going on around it, some mysterious stories. The presence of an incorporeal soul, a presence that can only be felt but beyond reason.
The more Dhruv wants to get to the root of the mystery, the more the mystery gets closer to Veda, the more new patches come and change the course of the story.
This twist of the story is my favorite – Dhruvar suddenly met a girl on the street, at one point in the conversation the two of them sit in a tea shop and go along with the stories of the girl’s loss of life. After the girl left, she went to pay the shopkeeper’s bill.
“Sorry uncle, I didn’t notice that he didn’t pay the bill.”
কে Who is that again? You were sitting alone. ‘
At the last stage of the mystery, the kadai tree comes again …!
The first part of the novel goes on a little slower, with some mysterious stories in pieces. However, there will be no way to drop the novel at half stage.
The most beautiful thing that draws me to the novel ষ্ণ Krishnajal ‘is that the stories fit into a certain place in a very skillful way.
And another notable thing: horrible 18+ novels
The story book is one of my favorite habits and thanks to the author for adding a new chapter to this habit.
& many congratulations for your very first novel.


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