অপেক্ষা – হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

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Title অপেক্ষা
ISBN 9847016600173
Edition 22th Print, 2016
Number of Pages 220
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

opekkha humayun ahmed book Review:

Every human being waits for something or other. Someone is waiting for happiness, someone may be waiting for the return of a lost loved one, someone is waiting for a missing father. Have you ever wondered how terrified these waiting people are? Do they wait forever for the lost people to return?
It is with these questions that the story of Humayun Ahmed’s popular novel “Waiting” is formed. It’s one of my favorite novels. I have read this book several times, every time it seems new. At the beginning of the story, Suraiya has a happy family with her husband Hasanuzzaman and son Emon. A new guest is coming to that world. Suraiya was eagerly waiting for her husband to give this news. But Hasanuzzaman never returned home from the office that day. Police and hospitals were searched everywhere but he was not found anywhere.
Suraiya can’t accept the loss of her husband in such a hurry. He waits with the belief that one day he will come back. Suraiya took refuge in the house of her elder brother Jamilur Rahman with her two children Emon and Supravha. Once there, she wrapped herself up more and more, keeping herself confined to a room all the time, anxiously awaiting her husband’s return. But as she waits, she slowly moves away from the real world, all her survival seems to be limited to waiting for her husband.
Suraiya’s disgust with everything in the world comes. Due to personal frustration, his mood also turned sour. His behavior with his two children Emon and Supravara became unbearable day by day. Where is the end of this wait for Suraiya? Will her husband really come back to her? Or will his life be cut short by waiting? The main story of the novel goes on waiting for this subject.
Notable characters in this novel are Suraiya, Emon, Supravha, Mitu, Jamilur Rahman. The Supravha character is my favorite. The most heartbreaking event in this novel is the death of Supravara. I cried when I read this place.
Some of the notable quotes from this novel-
We do not wait for the dead, we wait for the living.
Is human life like a cycle? The cycle has no beginning, no end. Is human life the same? Some people are waiting to eat in a mysterious circle. Or everyone. What are you waiting for?
The most colorful things in the world are available for free. Such as jochana, rain, human love.
No one can be like anyone, everyone is like himself. All people are different.
All in all, if a short list of Humayun Ahmed’s best novels is made, the waiting name will definitely be there.


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